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We’re pulling the plug on THE MAGIC OF HALLOWEEN.


Did you ever have one of those days where, despite your best intentions, things just don’t work out the way you planned?

Well, we had one of those days, multiple actually, strung together in what is resulting in the unplugging of our “Magic of Halloween” attraction. 

When we closed our doors back in March due to Covid we had to cancel our Winter Concerts, Breakfast with the Easter Bunny and The Summer Concerts Over the Valley.  We had no idea what the future held.

At the beginning of summer we had more questions than answers.

Will we be able to have a fall season here at the farm?

Could Pumpkin Village open?

Will we be able to have our wine tasting adventure through the Corn Maze? Heck, will there even be a corn maze?

Fall is such a special time of the year. It’s the time where, year after year, families come here to unplug, spend quality time together and create lasting memories. 

We were determined to NOT let this be the first year that couldn’t happen.  We had to think outside the box.

That’s what led us to coming up with a way that families could enjoy an event during the fall here at Mapleside from the safety of their own car.

We thought “how cool would it be to create a Halloween themed light show with pixel lighting, projection mapping, and fall characters”

We worked with a company that specializes in Christmas light displays all over the country to produce this “cool idea.” 

Usually these types of shows take a year to produce but we only had a short window to make this happen.  For the next three months, we worked hard to make The Magic of Halloween a reality. And now it looks like we came up a little short. 

We’re sorry!

We always want to provide a great guest experience, and what has come to be known here on the farm as “The Tragic of Halloween” just didn’t get it done.

The last thing we’d want is our nightmare becoming a nightmare for you and your family!

Trying to invent something new in a business like ours is hard, and sometimes you just take a swing and you miss.  We took a big one and we struck out. 

We apologize if it didn’t meet your expectations and we apologize if you were going to come see it in the future.

FUTURE TICKET HOLDERS – If you bought a ticket for the show in the future, we are going to refund your money this week as ALL FUTURE showings are cancelled.

IF YOU ALREADY VISITED – If you already came to a showing, we can’t give you back your time but we can give you back your money. We’ll be refunding your full purchase amount this week. This will include your ticket as well as the Farm Favorites Food Pack if you purchased it.

Please accept our sincerest apologies and come visit us again!



Greg Clement



P.S. Pumpkin Village, Vino the Way, and all themed weekends are going on as planned for the rest of October.  The only thing we are cancelling is future showings of “The Magic of Halloween”


P.P.S. We are processing all refunds today so if you don’t receive it within 5-7 business days please email [email protected]


A unique DRIVE-Up experience where you’ll discover the magic of halloween from the comfort & safety of your car

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