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Breakfast in the Barn with The Easter Bunny

In a lifetime there are 3-5 events that change the world and how we live. I think 9-11 was one of those times and right now we’re living through another one. The world will shift and life will never quite get back to what was normal before (but ask yourself do we want it to?).
The world is changing. I believe this change that’s happening right now has a chance to do something miraculous when all is said and done. It can re-connect humanity. It can give us a gift that we’ve been missing for probably a generation. It has a chance to help us see we are literally ALL in this together. It doesn’t matter where we live, what we believe, or even how we currently act – what this is showing us right now is we’re all living on this planet TOGETHER.
If you really take a few moments to think about that, how God is telling us to “Slow Down” and focus on the simple fact that life isn’t so much what happens to us that counts, it’s how we react to it that matters.
Others may see chaos and uncertainty. But if you look closely, you can see beauty. You can see politics being thrown out the window for the betterment of humanity. You can see so many acts of kindness, even amidst people going crazy over toilet paper? – I mean who wants to run out of toilet paper You can see families being forced to come together. You see people turning back to prayer. You see beauty in the simple act of going outside and appreciating nature. You can see our entire medical profession serving people in this great time of need ( I mean what’s more noble than that?). And in a very short time we will see people making decisions to better themselves, their families, and their communities. We will see the rebound and the change.
This change has been forced upon us and there will definitely be some short term pain for most of us. I think we need to look at this as medicine, as something that will make us better.
Here at Mapleside we are right on the front line of that. We’ve been forced to close just like all other restaurants/bars and meeting places. And it’s tough for businesses that rely on entertaining and serving people and communities. But we’ll make it. We’ll keep working on the farm and making sure it’s ready for when the world is ready to open back up!

Since it’s likely we will have to reschedule or cancel Breakfast With The Easter Bunny, we will give everyone who purchased a ticket a choice to redeem that ticket for either a brand new event we’re having in early Summer called The Mapleside Family Picnic OR a Season Pass to Pumpkin Village this fall for all 8 of our Fall Themed Festivals. You can visit Mapleside as many times as you like in the fall for FREE with your pass. Each paid Easter Bunny ticket = 1 season pass.
We’ll give you more details over the next couple weeks as we get a better idea on when the world is going to get back to the new “normal” so in the meantime please stay safe and get ready for an incredible rest of 2020 and beyond!
Greg and Kelly Clement



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