When you stand at the top of the hill watching the sunset, or just look out over the apple orchard, you are gazing at around 4,000 apple trees, all of differing ages and varieties.

When most people think of Mapleside, this is what they think of because this is what they see. It’s why people have been coming here for decades.

But, this is only about 1/3 of the total property.

The “Big Orchard,” as we call it, is around 50 acres and, in total, Mapleside Farms now encompasses almost 140 acres of land in Brunswick and Brunswick Hills.

It’s what you don’t see, or haven’t seen yet, that has us so excited about the future of this place!

We have a section of the farm that we call the North Orchard that you’ll see when you visit us in the fall for our festival season. When standing on top of the hill, look over to the woods on the right side and it’s right about there!

Two of the biggest projects that we’re working on in tandem right now are the growth of the orchard operation, combined with our new parking plan and “Guest Experience” for 2019.

Our focus right now is on growing the orchard operation, which is why we’re planting hundreds of new apple trees, mostly Honeycrisp and Cortland (which we use for our delicious caramel apples)! Just like the roots of these newly planted trees, our roots in the community of Brunswick will continue to grow and become even stronger.

It sure is a lot of work but, honestly, it’s a different type of feeling – it doesn’t seem like work at all, it’s more like fun than anything else.

We get it, we understand that we’re serving a community. We’ve all seen family farms and large pieces of land around NE Ohio turn into housing developments and shopping plazas; that’s why Conservation is our focus and it guides every decision that we make.

The key to our sustainability has been the ability to evolve with a customer base that demands new experiences and new ideas, while still keeping guard of the time honored traditions and age old charm that has graced Mapleside Farms for generations. This is a special place to so many people.

We strive to be that place where time stands still… Where you can unplug as a family and enjoy the same orchard views and amazing sunsets that families have enjoyed for the last 92 years.

We’re looking forward to an amazing 2019 and are excited to share with you all of the new growth and change that will come to life here in the coming months.

Come see for yourself when our Summer Concerts get underway in July, followed by our crowd favorite, Pumpkin Village and the Fall Festivals.

We want to thank you for allowing us to be a part of the community and, more importantly, a part of your family’s memories…. That’s one thing that will never change.

So with God willing, here’s to another 92 years of making memories at Mapleside Farms!

– The Clement Family

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