The land where Mapleside Farms sits was first settled by the Tillotson family from Massachusetts. They were drawn to the area in 1817 by the incredibly fertile soil. Elmer and Clara Eyssen bought the farm from the Tillotson family in 1927 and moved their family from Lakewood way out into the country to what is now known as Brunswick, OH. At that time the land consisted of the current property plus many acres across Pearl Road as well as some property on Center Road/Rte. 303. In the earlier years of this beautiful farm, a large stand of maple trees on the side of the hill were used for maple syrup production and became Elmer and Clara’s inspiration for naming their land, Mapleside Farms.

Elmer and Clara Eyssen in 1927


The Eyssens were avid gardeners and soon grew more produce than their family could consume. They set up a table and umbrella alongside Pearl Road to sell their surplus harvest. Soon the stand became a popular stopping point for travelers on their way to Cleveland. On Elmer’s travels, he met an apple farmer and became very interested in the growing of apples. He began by planting several apple trees at Mapleside. Once word got around and demand increased for his delicious apples, he quickly expanded his orchard. Elmer soon moved on from the table and umbrella into a store that sold peaches, pears, apples, and apple cider poured right from a wooden barrel during the fall harvest season. Their youngest son, affectionately called Apple Bill, graduated from Ohio State with a major in pomology, the growing of fruit. Bill returned to Mapleside, married his OSU sweetheart, Jane, and together they grew their budding fruit stand into one of the premier roadside markets in Ohio, often sharing their experiences with other farmers at conventions across the state. In 1962, the Apple House was opened, with the massive stone fireplace that visitors still enjoy today.

Elmer Eyssen With His Children in the 90’s


Through the years, Mapleside has changed and evolved to meet the needs of an ever-changing community. Today, the wonderful traditions of Mapleside Farms continue under the ownership of another local family – the Clements. In 2010, Mapleside Farms was purchased by Greg and Kelly Clement, a local family raising their 3 boys, Manny, Jonah, and Elijah in Brunswick, Ohio. They are excited to continue the tradition that is Mapleside Farms and hold the farm in their family for generations to come. Greg & Kelly Clement take very seriously the passing of the torch to continue the rich traditions of Mapleside Farms. They have a passionate belief in the farm and its timeless ability to charm and delight everyone who visits. The are also adding their own touches to continue building traditions and generations of beloved memories for others.
The Clements

The Clement Family, The Modern Day Owners of Mapleside Farms

The Clements have introduced new concepts to Mapleside, including their summer Concerts Over The Valley, the largest summer concert series in Northeast Ohio. Thousands of people come out to listen to music every Friday night while overlooking the valley and watching the sunset from their chosen spot on the hill. Pumpkin Village is also new to Mapleside Farms and stems from Greg and Kelly’s love of the Johnny Appleseed Festival. They both fondly remember attending it as children and now, in it’s 42nd year, they’re proud to continue the tradition. But looking back on how much they both anticipated this festival every fall, they wanted to expand the fun to more than a single weekend. They have launched a series of fall festival weekends under Pumpkin Village where every weekend Mapleside Farms morphs into a unique fall family experience. The Clements realize that Mapleside is an amazing place to make memories and want to share it with as many people as possible. The conversion of the old restaurant into The Lodge and the large bank Barn on the North end of the property will make Mapleside Farms the premier venue for weddings and special events of all sizes. No matter how small or large, the Clements are excited to host events ranging from 10 people to 2,000.

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